Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

From capture to utilisation to storage

The journey from carbon capture to utilization to storage represents a comprehensive approach to mitigating climate change and transitioning towards a sustainable future. Carbon capture technologies are pivotal in capturing carbon dioxide emissions at their source, preventing them from entering the atmosphere and exacerbating the greenhouse effect. Once captured, the CO2 can be repurposed for various applications, such as enhanced oil recovery, the production of valuable chemicals, or even synthetic fuels, creating economic incentives for emission reduction.

Carbon Aerogel

Lightest material on

Carbon aerogels have a wide range of potential
applications due to their unique properties. They have excellent thermal insulation properties, high surface area, and can be electrically conductive. They are used in various fields including aerospace, energy storage, catalysis, sensors, and environmental remediation.

Carbon Credit

A tangible commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Tailor made carbon verification methodologies to ensure the production of high-quality carbon credits. Carbon verification methodologies are designed to accurately measure, monitor, and verify greenhouse gas emissions reductions or removals by our CCB device. AI software can continuously process and monitor real time data to arrive at calculations for third party verifications. Investing in high-quality carbon credits from accredited carbon capture projects can be a valuable component of a broader climate mitigation strategy.

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